Posted on November 15 2018

Giving Back, One Basketball Court at a Time

When basketball courts end up with cracks, dips and divots, Dan Peterson and company step in. With the help of artists and community volunteers, Project Backboard resurfaces public courts and turns them into fly, large-scale pieces of art. The organization has brought new life and sleek aesthetics to over two dozen basketball courts around the world.

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Posted on November 08 2018

Indiana man pays it forward for soldiers in a convenience store

A cashier in a small southeastern Indiana town captured a priceless "pay it forward" moment. Darlene Davis recorded a customer at an AmeriStop in Greendale buying soldiers armloads of drinks and snacks. That customer said he couldn't pass up an opportunity to say thanks.

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Posted on November 01 2018

Directing Movies Against All Odds

When Simon Fitzmaurice was diagnosed with ALS, a disease that made him unable to speak or move his body, doctors said he had four years left to live. That was eight years ago. He has since gone on to write a book and make a film, using only his eyes and a computer to create his work and communicate.

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Posted on October 25 2018

Visually Impaired Bikers Race Across America

In a feat that's both incredible and inspirational, a team of eight athletes — four of whom are visually impaired — went on a race across America to prove that success is in plain sight.

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Posted on October 18 2018

Creating a Healthier World, One Medical Supply at a Time

Back when Elizabeth McLellan worked as a registered nurse, she traveled the world and consistently noticed a glaring problem. In many countries, facilities were in dire need of medical supplies. Meanwhile, back in the United States, federal regulations required hospitals and clinics to discard clean, unused supplies after discharging patients. In 2007, with the problem and solution clearly before her, Elizabeth started collecting discarded supplies for redistribution. Her effort has evolved into Partners for World Health, an organization that collects, sorts and ships entire shipping containers of medical supplies to those who need them most.

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Posted on October 11 2018

Uber Driver Proves Kindness Of Stranger Can Travel A Long Way

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Posted on October 04 2018

2-Year-Old Boy Learning to Walk Inspires Millions

An adorable little boy is spreading smiles across the globe after a video of him celebrating his first steps alongside his dog went viral. Within hours of posting a seven-second video of their son learning to walk, Whitney and Adam Dinkel were flooded with messages from around the world.

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Posted on September 27 2018

Man Turned Tragic Car Accident Into Successful Career as an Artist

Moses Hamilton never expected that in one instant his life would take such a dramatic turn. It was Oct. 18, 2002, and the North Shore resident was driving home from work at a restaurant in Hanalei when he crashed his car. The accident left him a high-level quadriplegic with only limited mobility of his upper body.

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Posted on September 20 2018

Fill My Basket

What started as an idea between two friends with what little they did have, has turned into a worldwide success. People all over the globe have been inspired to do random acts of kindness for strangers one basket a time.

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Posted on September 13 2018

School Janitor Makes a Difference With Unused Closet

For four years now, Georgia high school custodian Carolyn Collins has been quietly making sure the students at her school have what they need. Collins spends a few hundred dollars a month on items to stock the closet, but teachers, students, and community members also donate supplies, including clothes, shoes, book bags, and more.

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