Posted on March 22 2018

How One Small Town Cafe Is Changing The Face Of The Workforce

At Two Cafe & Boutique in Chagrin Falls, Cleveland, people who have developmental and physical disabilities work alongside others in an integrated environment.

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Posted on March 15 2018

The 12-Year-Old Scientist Taking On Flint’s Water Crisis

When Gitanjali Rao first heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, she wanted to help in any way she could. Now, at only 12 years old, Gitanjali is the proud inventor of “Tethys,” a portable device that detects lead in water. Named “America’s Top Young Scienist,” Gitanjali hopes to inspire other kids to get moving and make a difference in their own communities.

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Posted on March 08 2018

From Scammer to Saint

Pleasant Green was contacted on Facebook by a guy in Liberia who wanted him to ship him electronic devices. Instead Pleasant gave him something better: a job. This is the story of how an internet scam turned into a humanitarian mission.

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Posted on March 01 2018

The Volunteer Heroes of Hurricane Harvey

On August 25, Hurricane Harvey slammed into southeast Texas. The category four storm caused historic flooding that devastated the region, destroying homes and changing millions of people’s lives. Yet the days that followed were filled with stories of bravery—none more poignant than the acts of everyday people who went to extraordinary lengths to help their fellow citizens.

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Posted on February 22 2018

Father Sends Postcards for Over 20 Years

David Lasseter's campaign started in 1995, after he dropped his oldest daughter off at Notre Dame. That night, he sent her a postcard -- just as he has done virtually every day since then for all of his kids, for years.

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Posted on February 15 2018

How Hotel Soap is Saving Lives

Samir Lakhani's nonprofit, Eco-Soap Bank, recycles discarded bars of soap from hotels in Cambodia and distributes them to people in need.

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Posted on February 08 2018

Coffee Shop Brews Opportunity for People with Disabilities

In Wilmington, North Carolina, Amy Wright's coffee shop offers employment and a community for 40 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Posted on February 01 2018

The World’s Largest Beach Clean Up

Over three years ago, Versova beach in Mumbai was little more than a dumping ground for garbage and waste. After witnessing the devastating impact the refuse was having on the ocean, Afroz Shah decided to take matters into his own hands.

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Posted on January 19 2018

Keeping Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream Alive

For the past 15 years, Stephon Ferguson has been traveling the world reenacting the mighty speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With his uncanny cadence, Ferguson found his calling channeling the voice of Dr. King, making certain the power of his words are never forgotten.

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Posted on January 11 2018

The Hero of Kansas City: Restaurant Owner Gives Former Inmates A Second Chance

A criminal record isn't preventing a metro restaurant owner from hiring employees. The owner of Anton's Taproom in downtown KC is giving some people a second chance. Anton Kotar opened his steakhouse farm-to-table restaurant and butcher shop in 2012. Since then, he's hired nearly two dozen people with criminal backgrounds.

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