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Posted by on May 11 2016

Wheelchair Bound High Schooler Scores Big As Pinch Runner

For years, Christian Alfaro has watched his teammates run around the baseball diamond while he's sat on the bench and watched, never getting a chance of his own. That changed last week in a moment that has since gone viral.

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Posted by on April 06 2016

Letters from Strangers Saved a Teen’s Life

Noah Brocklebank, a 7th grader from Baltimore whose life was saved by strong words of encouragement.

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Posted by on March 30 2016

Students Discover the Power of Gratitude

Teacher Whitney Cole at Oak Ridge Elementary School in Sacramento knows how powerful gratitude can be, so she has her sixth grade students keep a gratitude journal that is impacting her students beyond the classroom.

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Posted by on March 09 2016

House Calls to the Homeless

Dr. Jim Withers operates his practice with a simple idea: The best way to care for the homeless is to treat them where they live.

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Posted by on February 03 2016

Pizzeria Feeding Philadelphia’s Homeless

Rosa's Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia lets you eat well while helping your less-fortunate neighbors.

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Posted by on January 20 2016

Bullied Boy Spends A Day With A Superstar

As soon as 12 year old Billy moved to another school, he instantly became a victim of bullying because of his looks but he was still dreaming that he would someday be able to play football professionally.

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Posted by on January 13 2016

A Man, His Van and a Mission to Help the Homeless

Aaron Reddin is the founder of The One, Inc., a non-profit that delivers food, blankets, water and supplies to homeless people in four cities across the country.

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Posted by on November 18 2015

Real Life Hero

Check out this motivational video that shows how real life heroes are made. Super powers not required.

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Posted by on November 11 2015

Giving Confidence To Homeless Men Through Grooming

This is the amazing story of a professional hairstylist who provides free haircuts, shaves, trims and styling to the homeless in New York.

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Posted by on September 09 2015

Kind Kids Club

A first grade class in Fresno, California inspires their entire school, and the world with kindness!

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